We are a nonprofit, civil association, committed to providing a comprehensive, excellent education, based on a Biblical perspective of life. We are authorized by the Secretary of Public Education to offer kindergarten, primary, and secondary classes in Acapulco, Gro.


Graduates of the school will have a solid foundation of the knowledge, discipline, and skills needed to fulfill the call of God in all areas of life, to be knowledgeable and competent servant-leaders.


Provide an integrated, personalized, quality education in a healthy and motivating environment, with the aim of preparing students to be servant-leaders in their homes, churches, and community, understanding and applying a Christian perspective of the world, living as children of God and stewards of His creation.

Our philosophy

The Scriptures command us to acquire knowledge (Proverbs 4-7). However, there is often a tendency to separate the intellectual, physical, social and emotional from the spiritual aspect. New Horizon aims to provide an education with academic excellence that integrates them all, based on biblical principles about God’s purpose for man.

This training will focus on the acquisition of a Christian worldview that puts every theory and every interpretation of the facts learned under the authority of Christ (2 Corinthians 10: 4-5). In this way students are trained to think Christianly and to live these principles in all areas of their life, so they really can be light in the community where God places them.
Since the education of children is the responsibility of their parents, the school serves as an extension of home and an entity of service.